Cook, Wash and Tidy: a few small screen prints on feminine frivolity

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76 blocks

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76 blocks in an art insilltion postered across 76 blocks of my home town halifax ns. It looks at the way one identical object is seen in different areas of the city, how we see, experience, and move through urban spaces.

Social Encounters with Fellow Bisexuals

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Being new and fresh to this whole blogging thing I feel like I’ve got a great many little topics muse over and write about.

But where do you start, the best one? The earliest idea? The most recent? To be honest it was a bit stressful. Until, while doing a little wordpress perusing I came across this post, Some Lonely Thoughts on Culture from a Rambling Writer

I realized I didn’t need to start big, I needed to start bi. 

I definitely think there is an issue in our societies of bisexual erasure… duh. We very easily camouflage our self in our partners gender once things are well and comfy with them. But I don’t think its because we lack a culture, I think its because we are open to many “cultures” and the more we are involved in them the more we have a tendency to go local. I guess we could be called the anthropologists of sexual orientation. Isn’t signing on to the bisexual identity wagon a bit like saying you’d like to stay a little impartial to many of the sexual identity circles? 

I have a recent fond memory of going out with one of my good friends and happening upon another cute little queer girl. To be honest it was less happening upon and more the fact that this girl sought my friend out as the gayest looking on in the climbing gym… which at a climbing gym is saying something.

Suffice to say it ended up us all going out for a beer afterwards, which quickly turned into a few more and maybe a couple pitchers, with a finally a table full of tipsy bi girls joking about their lives, and how this kind of concentration of bisexuals hardly ever happens.

BUT then it happened again to me this morning at work. I’m joking with two of my regulars, serving them coffee and soon we’re joking about the disasters we date in both men and women.

It’s impossible to disassociate bisexuals with any sort of culture we’re a group of people with something pretty major in common. We just don’t really have a mecca for it. Being open to an assortment of relationships, experiences and sexual partners gives bisexuals a sneaky in with a large portion of the world’s sexual orientations. All the people I date are open to the idea of fluidity in sexuality but I think I’d feel pretty limited at a bi bar. For now I am quite comfortable to hold onto my hilarious and fond memories of discovering myself at a table full of bisexuals in the middle of everything else. I don’t really think we need to organize bi annual meetings or anything.



Why the hell start a thing like this you ask?

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Lets start this with honesty.

I’ve recently found I’ve got a little free time and a lot of thoughts.

For me this usually leads to an amassing of crazy musings on my existence within society and the interactions with and comparisons I draw between other people and myself. If it’s not regularly sorted, debunked and filed in my encyclopedia of craziness I tend to go, well, a bit crazy.

So. To be perfectly honest with you I’ve stated this because I’ve got free time, a few thoughts and a great determination not to go crazy.

Oh and I might be a bit influenced by my personal interest in gender, society, sexuality and people… but until now I’ve never really felt the need to blog about it 😛

And the game plan.

Once a week (ish) I start with an anecdote and then go on to inconsequential musings about the reason these things happen to me.


The Girl: a short insight on my sexual identity crisis

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Let’s start it off with an anecdote.

In fifth grade I had what I refer to as my “Identity Crisis”. It all started when I realized I had a crush on my best friend. For about a month I freaked out because I was positive must be a lesbian.

Its not that I was uncomfortable with the thought of gay women, my family is quite liberal and I’d grown up with the knowledge of same sex couples and I knew quite a few. I was freaking out because that the only option I’d heard of when it came to sexuality. You were either with a man or a woman and that was that.

I knew I wasn’t a lesbian.

After about a month I used my logical brain to settle my emotions. I had crushes on both the girls and guys in my class. And that was that. Now I just had to find a way for the rest of the world to deal with it.

I’ve always known I wasn’t one to be choosey when it came to what kind of artillery my partners were packing but I’ve always had an interest in how people react to me and why gender is of such importance to our society.

I am currently working on my BFA in Intermedia (google that one 😛 ). A lot of my art is based off the ideas I hope to put into this blog and am planning on pursuing graduate work in Social Psychology once I graduate, Which will involve getting a BSc. I’m gonna be in school thinking about things for the rest of my natural life but I guess that’s the way the cookie seems to be crumbling at the moment.