Articles of Interest

How I Learned to Talk (in bed): Why This Queer Women Cares About Consent  -Carmen for Autostraddle

A lovely post on consent, communication and the right way to enjoy sex. This one sorta gives me the warm fuzzies a bit (who am I kidding, it’s like a whole titanic full of fuzzies)

‘V’ is for vulva, not just vagina -Harriet Lerner, P.hD

An article on the incesent misuse of the term Vagina to refer to all (and not only the internal) female genitalia. I may add I found this article after spelling the word vulva in a scrabble game (on a triple word score no less). When my friend (male) wasn’t familiar with the term I sent him the wiki page. This article is cited.

* RELATED NEWS ARTICLE: Michigan GOP Bans Lawmaker for Using the V-word


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